Where fun is constant.

Our services include:

  • Old age is the culmination of the life cycle, let’s give our adults the best that can be offered.

  • Happy Place ADC is like going to the casinos every day, multiple games, raffles and activities to motivate our patients. We have 5 years of experience and highly qualified personnel. Specialized and personalized transportation.

About Me

We are an adult day care center committed to providing high-quality care to our clients and their families. In our center, we offer a variety of activities and programs that help our clients stay physically and mentally active.

We have a team of dedicated caregivers who are highly trained and committed to providing a safe and friendly environment where older adults can feel comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, we offer transportation services and nutritious meals to ensure that our clients are well taken care of and fed throughout the day.

We believe that every person has something valuable to offer, regardless of their age or abilities. We take pride in providing an inclusive and welcoming environment where older adults can connect with others and feel valued for who they are.

Thank you for considering our adult day care center as an option for yourself or your loved one! We are here to help and look forward to welcoming you soon.»